My interest in photography began in my student days, however after learning to process my films and print my own images during the mid 1970's it became a much more of a serious hobby.

During the 1980's my job was based in central London and I took advantage to enjoy plenty of 'Street Photography'. I also attended local authority evening classes for a period of a few years in London, which were tutored mostly by national photojournalists, and which I found quite inspirational at the time. During this period I shot almost exclusively in monochrome until I joined Park Street Camera Club in 1997 where I have been an active member ever since.

I enjoy all kinds of photography from landscape to wildlife. Like many other keen amateur photographers the transition to digital photography was gradual until the quality improved sufficiently to warrant the changeover but this has now added a totally new dimension to the hobby and one which I have enjoyed now for many years

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