I used to enjoy photography many years ago – in the dark ages of 35mm film. – I was just getting the hang of it all, and even made my own dark room at home when digital appeared on the scene............................ I didn'’t take it too seriously as it would never catch on!

Well here I am trying to get to grips with it all. Still slightly sulking about it I must confess – I miss being put in a certain frame of mind the moment I loaded a film into the camera be it black and white or colour, 100 iso or 1600 - when grain wasn’'t noise, it was gritty documentary!

But I have now joined the Park Street Camera Club and have learnt so much. Things are becoming clearer and I am just beginning again to take the photographs I want to take.

Gerbera Flame

Blood Moon over City of Staples

Blue Pool
The Beach

Morning Has Broken

Just The Two Of Us
Sandridge Meadow

Pommie on Granite
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