I was introduced to proper cameras back in the early 70's by a colleague at work (publishing) who showed me how the things worked and why. Since then I have had a camera with me much of the time - over 40 years. During most of that - certainly up until 2006 - I seemed to be the only one taking photographs. Hard to remember those times now when everyone is at it!

Did a short course at Harrow College in 2008 taken by the excellent Mark Vallee - documentary photographer for numerous national papers. Enjoyed the competitive side of that a great deal so when it finished I was looking for somewhere to continue and naturally joined Harrow Club even though I had already made the aquaintance of a number of the Watford members. I have only comparatively recently come to Park Street. I use Nikons but not because they are necessarily any better than the other leading makes it is just that I always have. Currently they are a D300s, D90, D40 and P500. I would like to do well with my landscape shots but usually don't. I am always surprised when my pictures of people do so much better!

I would rate myself as competent but not artistic enough! I like to think I can recognise the good stuff when I see it though and for the past two years have been judging on the CACC circuit and enjoying this a great deal - indeed that was how I found the Park Street club last year.

My main concern at present is that in the world of competitive photography I think the 'C' that precedes Club may soon be 'Computer' rather than 'Camera'. Just think for a moment and compare the hours you spend clicking a shutter with the hours you spend sliding a mouse. I worry that the clever artistic computer people will end up swamping the clever artistic photographers. We need to look at this area.



36D x 45
Christmas Lights

Big Boy's Train Set

Descending Great Langdale
The Thinking GIrl's Hamburger

Cemlyn Bay Anglesey
Squared Daisy

Combe Martin Sunset
Vanishing Point

T34 on Woodbury Common
Wish You Were Here

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