I was introduced to proper cameras back in the early 70's by a colleague at work (publishing) who showed me how the things worked and why. Since then I have had a camera with me much of the time - over 40 years. During most of that - certainly up until 2006 - I seemed to be the only one taking photographs. Hard to remember those times now when everyone is at it!

Did a short course at Harrow College in 2008 taken by the excellent Mark Vallee - documentary photographer for numerous national papers. Enjoyed the competitive side of that a great deal so when it finished I was looking for somewhere to continue and naturally joined Harrow Club even though I had already made the aquaintance of a number of the Watford members.

I came to Park Street Camera Club in 2014. At that time I used 35mm Nikons exclusively however quite recently I have switched over to the Olympus mirror-less OM-D E-M1 MkII. I bought this and associated lenses from Andy Sands of Chiswick Cameras who lent me one for a few weeks. It was a revelation: delivering on all the features I had bought it for plus many others including the astonishing in-built stabilization that allows pin sharp images hand-held from down to 2 second shutter openings!

I enjoy shooting landscapes but usually it is my pictures of people that do best in competitions. I would consider myself as competent but not quite artistic enough. However I like to think I can recognise good images when I see them and for the past nine years having been judging for the CACC and the PAGB. This I am enjoying more and more as my experience of the clubs goes wider and wider.

I am, however, becoming increasingly concerned that the C preceding ‘club’ may soon mean Computer rather than Camera. I feel that the really clever and artistic computer people will eventually swamp the clever and artistic camera people and people will be put off entering competitions. I believe I can see the beginning of this already in some of the clubs I visit. Although camera technology is forever advancing we ultimately all have the choice as to what we use. For instance a small minority still use film and transparencies - good luck to them. Computers don’t allow you that freedom. When Silicon Valley says change – you change or else nothing works. This is not how it should be. We need to look at this area.

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