I have been a keen photographer after purchasing my first Digital SLR and joining Park Street Camera Club in early 2014.

I have found myself being particularly drawn to Landscape photography and the varied UK coastline, (usually at dawn and dusk), where I aim to capture scenes that seek to evoke a certain mood or feeling to the image viewer.

I feel that my particular style has evolved organically over the past few years, and enjoy producing intimate, graphic, minimalistic images, with a few ‘classic’ landscape views thrown in!

To produce my images I concentrate on in-camera techniques, such as the use of filters, shutter speeds and ICM (Intentional Camera Movement), rather than post capture manipulation to reach my desired results. I’m not driven by technical knowledge and gear, but I am more motivated by the creative and artistic side of photography.

I hope you enjoy viewing my images as much as I did making them!

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