My first proper camera was a Ricoh KR-10 (Pentax mount), acquired about 30 years ago, which has accompanied me to every continent (including Antarctica).

Since joining Park Street Camera Club and picking up lots of useful tips I think my photography has improved considerably. My favourite genre is landscape photography,

but I'll give anything a try. Now my aim is to revisit every continent and take better pictures with my current camera (Pentax K5)!

Update 2015: I've included some pictures taken on a landscape photography workshop "trial run" in Swaledale organised by club member John Woodworth.



A light caress of sunshine
Midnight Sun, Antarctica

Collision Course

Namib Desert
Zaanse Schans

Swaledale - kinky walls
Swaledale - Limestone pavement

Swaledale - another 'F' in rainbow
Swaledale - Angram Barns

Swaledale - Lines
Swaledale - Wain Wast Falls
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