I took my first photographs with a Kodak Box camera 50 years ago, graduated to a Kodak folding camera and then an Instamatic. My first 35mm was a Zorki 4K, which seemed to have been made in a tractor factory, later replaced to a Pentax SLR. I went digital in 2006 and have been delighted with the instant feedback, the ability to edit and attempt to improve my photos on the computer, and the freedom to take almost unlimited pictures without incurring the cost of film, developing and printing.

Personally, I love to try to produce atmospheric images, but I really admire some of my fellow club members for their creativity. My photography has developed a lot since I have been a member but I have a long way to go yet. Lately I have been doing more portraits and people, and enjoying the challenge of trying to raise my photography to a new level.

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