My interest in photography started 60 years ago and for my 21st was given a Corfield Periflex, upgrading to a Petriflex SLR (the poor man's Pentax) a few years later. I used this to take wedding photographs
which I processed in a blacked out kitchen. I had a "Gnome" enlarger and usually started work around 11pm and continued into the small hours. I had a mounting press to complete the albums and the "customers"
always seemed satisfied, indeed last year my sister-in-law had her wedding album out and I remarked "these are rather good" - she said well you took them! I truly did not remember.

I joined Park Street Camera Club when we moved from Cheshire in 2004. Although I have a Nikon DSLR I never take it on holiday, relying on an Olympus compact of which I have had four. I am probably classed as
a happy snapper but I get satisfaction by carefully composing images, taking plenty, and enhancing the promising ones with Adobe Elements. On occasion I have printed competition quality to A3. For me, bulky, expensive
and weighty gear limits the enjoyment of picture taking when on holiday, however, each to his own. Having said this, I do admire the exceptional images produced by club members using professional standard equipment.



Annecy June 2012

Chartreuse Monastery

Cote d'Azure 1
Cote d'Azure 2

Cote d'Azure 3
Loughrigg Tarn

Loughrigg Tarn (2)
Monet's garden

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