Photography has given me the opportunity to go out and discover the beauty in this world, to be creative, artistic and use my imagination to its fullest.

I have always admired close-up photography and decided that this was the direction I would like to take. I started by taking photographs of the flowers and wildlife in my own garden. It is not until you look at the world through a macro lens and go in really close to an object, thus producing almost life size images, that you appreciate the intricate features of the natural world around you. I believe the art of photography is to keep your pictures ‘simple’.

I have never enjoyed photography more since digital photography appeared on the scene. Although still a beginner to the many features which Photoshop can offer, I still enjoy manipulating and experimenting with my photographs. Sometimes they work and more often they don’t, but as they say, practise makes perfect, so I keep trying.

I joined Park Street Camera Club in 1986 and have held the posts of Internal Slide Competition Secretary and Publicity Officer.

I am competitive, and enjoy entering my photos into external competitions as well as the Club’s competitions. Listening to the judges comments has helped improve my photography. In addition, Club members are always willing to offer their help and advice which is great.

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