I only really started taking photographs when digital came along. I joined Park Street Camera Club in 2013. Members are friendly and there is always someone willing to give advice. I have learnt a lot since joining. I have also served on the committee.

I have a Nikon D5500 and P500. The large Nikon is quite heavy but I regret that my arthritis restricts me from carrying it around so much now. I always have a compact Panasonic Lumix in my handbag. It is light and easy to use. I take what I see as you never know what will work and sometimes it creates some surprises.

I like to visit other clubs (on judging assignments with Dave) and enjoy seeing various interpretations of different subjects which is very inspirational. You might see something you might not have thought of yourself. I try all kinds of photography and will have a go at anything – not always successful but I keep trying.

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