My husband Dave was always the photographer he was forever taking pictures. When digital came along my boss bought me a little Panasonic and I was hooked. So I really started in digital before Dave. Our first camera club was Harrow - he joined first and I followed a year later. We moved to Park Street in 2013 after visiting on a judging assignment. Everyone is friendly and helpful - there is lots going on. All the members are kept informed and included. Excellent organisation.

I always carry a Panasonic Lumix TZ30 but I also have a Nikon P500. The Lumix seems to be the more successful but that is probably because I always have it with me. I take whatever I see as you never know what will work - it creates some suprises. I am constantly learning and enjoy playing about in Photoshop and Photomatix.

I like seeing other people's photographs as they always give me ideas and you learn a lot. I am lucky in this because as well as the Club's output I also get to see a great deal more when I accompany Dave on judging trips.



Departing St Pancras
Atenza - Spain

Moved On
Sunset at Barmouth

Flood Tide - Dawn - Thornham Harbour
Slippery When Wet

I've Found Some
Room For One More

Bottle and Two Glasses

Up the Nose
The March of Time
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