News - 2010/11

Your committee wish all of our members a very Happy Easter and club evenings will resume on
Thursday, 5th May 2011 with the old favourite “It’s a Knockout”
Watch your emails for more details

Annual Dinner & Presentation of Awards 14th April 2011

Approximately 40 members & guests assembled at The Police Sports Club in Bushey for this annual event. A small exhibition of a cross-section of club member’s prints from the past year was on show, a new idea which drew considerable interest from those attending. A pleasant 3-course meal was followed by a short address from our guest of honour, Les Spitz ARPS. Les is no newcomer to our club and his knowledge & inventiveness in the art of AV always amazes us. After coffee & mints Les undertook the task of presenting the club’s annual trophies to the lucky winners, of whom 7 were present on the night.

Annual General Meeting 7th April 2011

A good attendance was achieved; perhaps this was to do with the fact that there were free wine & nibbles afterwards!

After accepting the minutes of last year’s AGM we were soon into the various officer’s and secretary’s reports and these were accepted after some short discussions. The election of the new committee was simple since there was only one nomination for each position.

The new club subscription is to remain unaltered for another year – good news in these difficult times.

Competition: Print of the Year. Judge Peter Jackman APAGB 31st March 2011

Peter had 49 of the club’s very best prints to evaluate and, as usual, he did not disappoint. He found it difficult to arrive at his final choices and to that end he held back 15 of them. After much deliberation he came to the following result.

1st“Dennis” by Jill Hobson LRPS, CPAGB
2nd“Brighton West Pier” by Ken Liversidge
3rd=“Golfers Across the Weir” by Derek Dixon DPAGB
“Starling” by Chris Gilbert

Please see Galleries/Competition Winners 2010/2011 for these images

Competition: Projected Image of the Year. Judge Chris Palmer ARPS,AFIAP,DPAGB,APAGB (Field End PS)

Our programme secretary did well to secure the services of one who is surely among the best available to judge the most prestigious projected image competition of the season. Chris‘s relaxed style conceals a rapier like ability to assess every minute particle of a picture and detect any strengths or weaknesses in it and then think how it might be improved.

He held back 24 of the original 61 submitted and a further yes/no process got them down to 7 before announcing a first, second, and third.

In third place was Jill Hobson’s excellent ‘Octagon, Ely Cathedral’; runner-up position went to Rosemary Wenzerul’s ‘Last Sunflower to Open’. This season’s winner was Chris Gilbert’s ‘Dash to the Line’; a classic Greyhound racing shot. All three deserved to win.

To improve our own Competition photography Chris urged us to go on to the internet to scan international competitions such as the Southampton International and he commended the club on the standard it had achieved this season. Chairman Rod flagged up the CACC Championships on 10 April at Amersham and the PAGB Assessments on 16/17 April.

Please see Galleries/Competition Winners 2010/2011 for these images

Central Bedfordshire Challenge Cup. 18th March 2011

Extract from email received from Ian Mellor today.

Congratulations to Biggleswade & District Camera Club on winning the Central Challenge last night with 93 points, their second win in two years. Second were Shillington & District Camera Club with 92 points, while third place went jointly to Park Street Camera Club and St Albans Photographic Society with 91 points. So a very close thing. The images on show last night were fantastic; I can only say that I am really pleased it was not me judging.

Image of the evening was won by Flo Pascoe (Biggleswade & District CC) with an excellent image called 'Walk on by'

Competition: AV Presentation (The Ralph Firmin Tankard). Judge Les Spitz ARPS (Pinner CC) 17th March 2011


1stKen Liversidge – “Flanders – Ypres & The Tyne Cot Cemetery”
2ndKen Liversidge – “Up, Up & Away”
3rdMartin Wise – “A Look at Today’s Shanghai”

Full report to follow

Mono Prints & Projected images. Judge Graham Laughton Hon PAGB (Croxley CC) 10th March 2011

We have arrived at the final competition of the season and despite this there was a very good turnout of prints & projected images. This was probably because there was still some silverware to be won. The Mono Cups for both genres were up for grabs.

The evening began with 36 projected images and Graham dealt with these in his usual precise & efficient way, holding back 10 images for a second, and even a third look, before giving his final few marks. In the end he awarded three 19s and two 20s and was then required to pick a 1st, 2nd & 3rd. Not an easy task with so many really good images. In the end he chose:

1st“Concentration” by Rod Fricker20
2nd“Grey Squirrel” by Derek Dixon20
3rd“Vertically Converged” by Chris Gilbert19

The other 19s were by Rosemary Wenzerul & two more of Chris’. Well done to everyone.

After the tea/coffee break Graham got stuck into the 26 prints, 4 of which were held back. Graham’s comments & marking were excellent once again & nobody could argue with the final placings. They were:

1st“Water Set” by Derek Dixon20
2ndThe Quire, Ely Cathedral” by Peter Hobson20
3rd“Snowden” by Terry Day19

Since this was the last competition we were in a position to announce the overall Photographer of the Year 2010/2011. As with the PPOTY and PIPOTY awards this one was just as close. Before this evening began there were just 8 points separating first & second place. After the PI section this gap was down to 2 points and in the end there was just 1 point difference. The final top three places were:

1stRon Brown945
2ndChris Gilbert944
3rdDerek Dixon933

This gives Ron a clean sweep – very many congratulations to a very talented photographer. He is the one to beat next year!

Competition: Open Projected Images Round 5. Judge Peter Mylchreest (Imagez) 24th February 2011

45 images were projected. Peter’s particular slant on judging such a selection of photographs was whether they had commercial potential. His marks followed the modern trend of being scaled up, only three being ‘marked down’ to 14. Five were held back for the top places: Rosemary Wenzerul’s innovative ‘Finding your Way in the Dark ‘ was awarded 18, as indeed nine others had been. Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell’s ‘Sony Centre in Berlin’ went one better with 19 as had two others previously. Three were awarded the maximum 20, two of them going to Chris Gilbert. His ‘Dash for the Line ‘was an outstanding capture of greyhounds leaving the trap and was placed third; his ‘Three Glasses’, an excellent example of the genre, was placed second to the winner: ‘Evening Light in Budapest’ by Terry Day. Well done Terry!

In the end only 2 points separated the top places in this year’s Projected Image Photographer of the Year. How close can it get?

1stRon Brown 268
2ndChris Gilbert267
3rd=Rosemary Wenzerul266
Derek Dixon

Well done Ron, Print photographer of the Year 2010/2011 AND Projected Image Photographer of the Year 2010/2011.

Talk – Pinhole Photograohy by Derek Reay ARPS 17th February 2011

It made a pleasant change to hear a speaker after many competition evenings, and there are still quite a few to come before the end of our season. Derek hails from Windsor and most of his images included shots around the town, but what was interesting was the fact that they were all taken either with a pinhole camera or camera obscurer setup.

He became interested in the pinhole camera experience in the early 2000s and since then has become very knowledgeable on the subject. He has written several books and speaks very keenly on the subject. It must take up a great deal of his life now. And we were treated to this enthusiasm throughout the evening. His little anecdotes that accompanied each print were interesting & often amusing. It was an evening that was most enjoyable.

Anyone interested in seeing and reading more on the subject should visit Derek’s website

Tuesday, 15th February 2011

This was a very busy evening for us. There were 3 external competitions all on the same day!

There was the annual 8-way print battle at St Albans, the bi-annual print battle at Harpenden and the final round of the CACC Rosebowl at Chesham.

8 Way Print Battle at St Albans CC

This annual 8 Way Print Battle took place on 15th February at St Albans Camera Club. Ken and I attended what turned out to be a most unusual evening. No, we did not win, the judge failed to turn up! I'm not sure if he got lost or if there was another problem, but when they reached him by phone it was obvious we would not see him that night. What you might call a club Chairman's nightmare - 8 clubs and no judge.

However, Peter Tatton, the Chairman of St Albans CC proved himself up to the task. After a hurried huddle with the representatives of the visiting clubs it was decided that the evening would proceed with Peter doing the judging. He made a very good job of it, interspersing his remarks with anecdotes about diving which is his other hobby. It was very refreshing to hear a 'judge' being frank about whether he understood a picture or saying he could only appreciate natural history shots if they were underwater. Many of his remarks were humorous and self-deprecating, but did not take away from the fact that he knew the elements that make a good photograph.

As with all judges there were times when Ken and I disagreed with his scoring, but when he awarded 20 to a print he was usually right and after a very closely run competition, Wycombe PS came 1st. We came 7th. As a point of interest the judge was so unbiased, St Albans came 8th! Our highest scoring prints of the 8 we had entered were 'Gargoyle Gecko' by Chris Gilbert (19) and 'Cuban Farmer' by John Woodworth (18).

Everyone was agreed it had been a very enjoyable evening and we look forward to next year's battle.

Rosebowl, Round 3 at Chesham

I was very sorry not to be able to get to the Rosebowl at Chesham last night, however, I have much pleasure in announcing the results.

The results of the Rosebowl Round 3 at Chesham, judged by Graham Laughton, were as follows:

1st=Park Street267
3rdChalfonts & Gerards Cross258

Erika Cable's image "Heron's Snack" won a star. Well done Erika.

Although this won't put us into the finals, as we were previously rather far down in the totals so far, it's still a good result for us. As a reminder, in the 1st round at Henley we came 4th, in the 2nd round hosted by us at Park Street we were joint 2nd.

Marks for individual photos submitted by PSCC in Round 3 were as follows:

Print Battle at Harpenden PS

Maybe our stock of good prints was stretched a little with 2 print battles on the same night - not a date that we had any control over - but we were well and truly trounced by our hosts this year, by an average of roughly 1.5 points per print.

We must take heart from the fact that Harpenden have a very large membership and print input whilst we currently have just 13 print workers. Next year we have them on home territory and it's projected images so maybe there is hope for us.

Competition: Open Prints Round 5. Judge Mary Ward (Ealing & Hampshire House PS) 10th February 2011

This was the final round counting towards The Print Photographer of the Year competition and it was a very close run thing, but in the end Ron Brown ran out the winner by just 2 points – well done Ron. He took first and second place on the night with two twenties. His winning image, “Blue Tailed Damsel Flies” was a superb natural history study and was a worthy winner.

We welcomed a new judge for this final round of the competition. Mary Ward from Ealing & Hampshire House Photographic Society did not disappoint. Her comments were accurate and to the point and I feel that we all agreed that her final images selected were indeed the best on the night. There were 32 images entered, possibly a record for the final round of a season’s competitions and she held back just 5 of them. Three of them were Derek Dixon’s & two were Ron’s, an indication of the quality of those two photographers.

In the overall placings for the entire year Derek came 3rd with 256 points, I was 2nd with 257 and Ron won with 259 points.

Our thanks go to all of the 13 members who have contributed to this competition throughout the year. With the cost & time involved in producing prints in comparison with the simplicity of providing projected images we have seen a distinct fall in the numbers of print workers but I do encourage more of you to get involved because there is nothing better than seeing your images in print form, either at the club or at home on the wall. Please don’t let this section of our hobby die.

Members’ Evening 3rd February 2011

We spent a very pleasant evening looking at the CACC CD of the images from last year’s Chiltern 100 Exhibition. The 196 images represented the work of 196 individual camera club/photographic society members throughout the Chilterns region. With this year’s exhibition coming up soon this was an ideal opportunity to get our members inspired to enter their image into the competition.

Entry is limited to one image per author and entries have to come through the club, but there is no limit to the number of members who may enter. Please send your desired image to me or, if already held on our database, please tell me which image you wish to use. Entries must be with me by Tuesday, 1st March. Please send emails with attachment where relevant to: or my private email address.

Competition: Open Projected Images Round 4. Judge Roger Crocombe LRPS (Watford CC) 27th January 2011

Fifty seven images were presented to the judge for adjudication, a healthy total at this stage of the season but not so surprising in view of the intense competition for the title of projected image photographer of the year.

No fewer than 14 images were held back, four being awarded 18, seven on 19 and the final three on 20. John Jennings’ “Best Friend” was awarded third place, Rosemary Wenzerul’s “Last Flower to Open” was runner-up to her delightful “Harvesting Lavender”, each on 20, giving her a total of 57. Ron Brown’s three 19s enabled him to hold on to his top place in the league on 217 points. Rosemary lies second on 213 with Derek Dixon and Chris Gilbert tied on 212. Jill Hobson is fifth on 211, John Jennings sixth on 209, so it’s all to play for in the final round on 24 February. Be there!

Members’ Evening – AV Workshop 20th January 2011

This turned out to be a very popular evening with a very pleasing turnout. The first half consisted of Rod introducing us to Microsoft Photostory 3, a free download which allows you to produce a pretty decent Audio-Visual presentation in less than three mouse clicks. It’s simple and it works. It may not be as good as ProShow Gold or Pictures to Exe but for a beginner it is somewhere to start. After proving that you can make a very presentable sequence very quickly and simply he then went on to show several sequences made by Barry Beckham. Barry is a leading light in this field and his CD tutorials on Pictures to Exe are extremely informative and his AVs are very good.

After the break we split up into smaller groups when several club members demonstrated various aspects of the other software, namely Proshow Gold and Pictures to Exe, on their laptops whilst Rod expanded further on Photostory 3.

We all got thoroughly engrossed and when it came time to pack up and go home we could have happily continued further into the night. But that is the nature of our chosen hobby; it gets you hooked and you don’t want to stop.

Competition: Open Prints Round 4. Judge Chris Sargeant (Chesham PC) 13th January 2011


1stBrighton West Pier by Ken Liversidge20
2ndAssisi at Night by Ken Liversidge20
3rdThe Cornfield by Terry Day19

Rosebowl Round 2. Judge Colin Southgate 6th January 2011

Watford CC, Stoke Poges PC and Imagez were the three clubs drawn to visit Park Street and Colin Southgate ARPS, DAPG, DPE1*, from Shillington PS the appointed judge for this second round.

Sixty images were projected before a larger than usual audience (who were well rewarded at the break with Christine Abington’s home-made cake). Despite Colin’s declared intent to award a range of marks in order to achieve a clear winner, the 60 entries were very evenly matched and no fewer than 6 twenties were awarded.

Our own Chris Gilbert excelled himself with no fewer than three of them. His ‘City Hall’ was one of the two stars, alongside ‘Homeward Bound’ by Watford’s Chris Skinner.

In 4th place Imagez scored 253; second equal were ParkStreet and Stoke Poges on 260 and the round’s winner was Watford CC on 264.

A good result for the Rosebowl;,both for photography and for the club.

Christmas Social 9th December 2010

Approximately 30+ members and their partners/spouses attended a most enjoyable evening of socialising, eating, drinking and playing silly games. Everybody brought along some item of food and the table was crammed with delicious items as usual. After the initial greetings and eating we got down to the sillier part of the evening and, led by Ann Fort, we were entertained well into the evening. Before we knew it, it was time to put away the tables and chairs and head for home.

The committee wish every member a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

We return to normal club meetings on Thursday, 6th January 2011 with the cancelled CACC Rose Bowl – Round 2

Wednesday, 8th December 2010 – NW Fed – Round 3 – AWAY at Northolt & District PS - judged by Ian Shaw (Hemel Hempstead PS)

The final competition in our group took place at the Northolt & District PS premises last night. Whilst we did not have the success achieved the night before we did not disgrace ourselves. We received 86 points for the prints and 88 points for our projected images giving us a total of 174. Harrow CC were the winners with 184 whilst Northolt, our hosts, were third with 169 points.

Notable among our print entries were John Woodworth getting 20 for his ‘Cuban Farmer’ and Derek Dixon with 19 for ‘Moody Landscape’. In projected images Rosemary Wenzerul received 19 points for ‘Flower Crab Spider’ and Chris Gilbert was awarded 20 points plus a star for his ‘Red Onion’.

Full details as follows:


Projected Images

NW Fed – Round 2 AWAY at Harrow CC - judged by Sara Sands (XRR) 7th December 2010

Following our disappointment when we finished last in Round 1, we were perhaps not very optimistic at the start of Round 2. However as the evening wore on, we became rather more hopeful.

Prints were judged first, and by the teabreak Park Street was in the lead with 93, to Harrow’s 90 and Northolt’s 89. All of our prints scored well with 18s and 19s, and Peter Hobson’s ‘Altar and Organ, Ely Cathedral’ scored 20 and was awarded one of the two stars for prints.

The second half continued with Digital Images, and this time Sarah awarded three 20’s, two of which went to Park Street, for Rosemary Wenzerul’s ‘Dandelion in the Lavender’ and Chris Gilbert’s ‘Cobbled Together’. The latter also won a star, Northolt winning the other star.

This resulted in Park Street coming first with a total of 189, Harrow 181, and Northolt 171.

Needless to say, we thought Sarah’s judging and comments very fair.

However at the end of Round 2, Harrow is still in the lead with 406, Park Street 2nd with 397, and Northolt 382 so Round 3 will be nail-biting time, to see who goes on to the finals!

The 25th Pre-Visions – organised by XRR – judged by Malcolm Tinn LRPS, LBIPP 5th December 2010

Whilst there were 15 clubs taking part, several achieved the same number of points so there were 9 score positions and Park Street came in 5th with XRR. Amersham needless to say won with each of their 6 prints receiving full marks, which are 20 points. The first time that has happened in the 25 years that Pre-Visions has been held.

The judge has our prints before the day of the competition so as to look at them at his leisure. He then awards points to 4 of them and keeps two back for discussion on the day. Therefore, when we arrived we could see that Jill Hobson’s ‘Fritillary Meadow had been held back with Derek Dixon’s ‘Golfers across the Weir’. He was very complimentary about the Fritillary Meadow and awarded it 16 points. Our highest score was by Derek Dixon with 19 and his entry was Highly Commended.

Details as follows:

One final point; this was the last Pre-Visions due to clubs dropping out and the cost of putting it on. However, XRR who are the organisers have said they are looking at other options and hopefully there will be something arranged for next year.

CACC Rosebowl – Round 2 2nd December 2010

Meeting cancelled due to the bad weather and the fact that the allocated judge was unable to attend. Attempts were made to find a late replacement but none were available. This meeting is now rescheduled for 6th January 2011 in place of the advertised Members’ Evening

Wildlife Cups for Prints & Projected images. Judge Andy Sands (XRR) 25th November 2010

Andy had 27 prints and 46 projected images to analyse and mark before finally arriving at the best image in each category. In the print section he awarded two twenties four nineteens before selecting his winner. Congratulations to John Jennings who won the cup with his image entitled “Great Black Backed Gull”.

In the projected images section he held back eight images and the winner was Erika Cable’s “Heron’s Snack”. Very well done Erika; a beautiful image.

The results were as follows:


1stGreat Black Backed Gull by John Jennings20
2ndExmore Pony by Maggie Fricker20
3rdStarling by Chris Gilbert19

The other 19s were: Brimstone on Scabious by Ron Brown, Gargoyle Gecko by Chris Gilbert and Orca by Ian Cummings


1stHeron’s Snack by Erika Cable20
2ndFunnel Web Spider by Rod Fricker20
3rdGull in Flight by Chris Gilbert20

Other images held back were:
Red Deer Stag by Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell, Hoverfly by Rosemary Wenzerul, Tumbling Tern by John Jennings, Ring-Tailed Lemur by Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell and Temporary Perch by Rod Fricker. All scored 19

NW Fed Interclub Competition – Round 1. Judge Les Spitz 18th November 2010

This is the first year that PSCC have been invited to enter this competition, which is different in so much as each round consists of both Projected Images & Prints. There were 3 clubs involved and we were hosting this, the first round of three. The judge, Les Spitz, was asked to comment upon and mark 18 images in each category, which he did in grand style and arrived at what was probably a fair result. We are getting used to finishing last but must not get a complex about it! At the half way mark we were 2nd but it slipped away from us in the second half with the prints.

John Woodworth’s image “Ghostly figures on the Pier” scored 20 and gained one of the stars awarded. There were three other 20s and three more stars which were shared amongst the other two clubs.

The final result was as follows:

  1. Harrow225 points
  2. Northolt 211 points
  3. Park Street 208 points

Rosebowl Round 1. Judged by Micki Aston 16th November 2010

We were up against strong opposition in this first round of the Rosebowl at Henley but we were not disgraced despite finishing last out of the four clubs. Only 8 points separated the clubs. The judge, Micki Aston, is no stranger to us and again it was felt that she marked fairly and consistently. Her comments were generally considered valid and her use of a fairly wide spread of marks was good. As you would expect, all images were of a very high standard.

There were seven 20s awarded and three of those went to PSCC, Chris Gilbert was awarded two of them and the third went to John Woodworth. The two stars were awarded to Chris’ images – “City Hall 2” and “Rose”.

The full result was as follows:

1stMarlow CC269
2nd=Henley PC264
Leighton Buzzard PC
4thPark Street CC261

Projected Images Round 3. Judge Sara Sands (XRR) 11th November 2010

There was a good entry into this third round counting towards the Projected Image Photographer of the Year. Our judge, Sara Sands, is well known at Park Street, having judged for us in each of the past three years. Her first visit was at the beginning of her “judging” career. She had 67 images to view, comment upon and score, which she coped with well in the time permitted.
Her final top placings were as follows:

  1. Flower Crab Spider by Rosemary Wenzerul – score 20
  2. Dandelion in the Lavender by Rosemary Wenzerul – score 20
  3. Cobbled Together by Chris Gilbert – score20

Well done Rosemary. A very moody image entitled “Hay Bales in Mist” by Louise Jackman was also held back but in the end was only given 19 points.

A Tale of Two Cities – LONDON AND NEW YORK - A talk by Ron Tear ARPS (Harlow PS and EAF) 4th November 2010

Ron and his wife Maggie have been life-long slide photographers and have both become established judges in the East Anglian Federation. On this occasion Ron set out to compare two of the great cities of the world, seen through the lens of a photographer, a cockney from Bethnal Green at that. His work on London spans many years and he started with views of the old docks, the Cutty Sark, Tower Bridge and the more recent City Hall and London Eye.

Tate Modern, The Dome, Canada Wharf, The Albert Memorial and Soho were all recorded successfully. Industry was represented by the Tate and Lyle sugar refinery and Battersea Power Station. London Parks and Kew Gardens portrayed leisure; Wimbledon Tennis and The London Marathon depicted sport. The less attractive side of life came over as street begging and rubbish collection. The 7.7 bombings and Diana’s funeral completed Ron’s snapshots of London.

After tea it was New York’s turn, but, unlike London, their impressions were necessarily confined to two brief stop-overs, one either side of 9.11. Strong images of The Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island, The Empire State Building, The Chrysler Building, Broadway, Times Square, Central Park, Penn Station all set the scene. John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen ,Wall Street, Fifth Avenue shopping and more shots from the Empire State completed the presentation apart from showing us his ARPS panel, again depicting life in the Big Apple. In short, an entertaining and informative performance given by one of London’s most experienced photographers.

The Bedfordshire Invitation Challenge Trophy 2nd November 2010

16 clubs from Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire met at St Albans Camera Club for the 2010 Bedfordshire Invitation. Having won this trophy last year against some very strong opposition we wondered whether we could repeat this again this year but as soon as we saw the preliminary run-through we realised that this was not going to happen. There were 96 images for Chris Palmer to comment upon and mark and as usual he did an admirable job. We all know that Chris is one of the best judges in the country and tonight he proved it, coping with this many images and giving every one a fair and honest review before marking. He held a few back, but alas none of ours, before awarding four twenties and choosing the winning image of the evening. This went to “Exploring the Carnactic” by an author from St Albans. It was an underwater shot of a wreck and a diver – quite unusual and pretty unique.

The top three clubs were as follows:

  1. Leighton buzzard Photographic Club with 103 points
  2. Stevenage Photographic Society with 100 points
  3. St Albans Camera club with 99 points

Park Street came 11th with 87 points. The full results will be available later, but are not yet to hand.

Park Street images scored:

Chris is judging our Projected Image of the Year in March 2011 so we are in for an interesting evening. One point that arose several times throughout the evening’s judging was that he does not approve of bright, white thick lines around an image. It draws the eye away from the image itself. You have been warned.

Inter-Club Landscape Competition – judged by Stan McCartin, LRPS, CPAGB (Harrow CC & CACC) 28th October 2010

This year we moved the venue to How Wood School, Park Street, this being on home territory and affording better parking and generally more convenient for everybody.

Stan introduced himself by saying that he had recently read that photographers had been forbidden from taking Landscapes between 1939 and 1945 for security reasons. Happily this ban was lifted when WW2 ended and we have been able to enjoy one of the richest seams in photography ever since. This month Colin Prior’s new book HIGH LIGHT is published describing how he camps out overnight to catch daybreak in the Scottish Highlands, such is his enthusiasm.

Despite having a cold Stan attacked the task of commenting on 72 images with his inimitable perception and powerful Scottish accent. The original rules of this well-established competition have been relaxed somewhat over the years from when “at least 60% of the picture had to be land” to the new looser interpretation. More water or sky widens our scope but “townscapes” are not within the definition. However stunning landscapes may seem they do seem to lack something compared to the days of slide film.

On the night XRR came third with 114 points, Potters Bar were runners up with 116 and St Albans lifted the trophy with 120 points.Peter Stevens of Harpenden PS was awarded the best image of the night with”Hrgabost”.

- AV Presentation by Ian Bateman FRPS MPAGB (Wantage CC) 21st October 2010

AV presentations have made great strides since the early 1980s when slides with music sequences gave way to continuous flow of images as merge effects improved. Now there is a reasonable choice of techniques available though ‘Pictures to Exe’ is generally preferred.

Ian’s opening sequence ‘Rhondda Grey’ posed the question ‘what colour is the valley?’ a delightful AV accompanied by the voice of Max Boyce and based on slide film. The next one was ‘Three Tools’. 1170 AD to 1220 AD was a period of great arch building. The three tools which the masons needed were a straight edge, a pair of compasses and a set square. During the 15th C masons had a monopoly on construction, using these three tools. Their monopoly was eventually broken and cathedrals sprang up as a result. Since then Masonic lodges have retained these three symbols but not their monopoly on building. Ian stressed that the most difficult thing about making an AVI was getting an idea in the first place.

MONOPOLY – Oxford Version. In the 1930s Waddingtons’ original game was based on the streets of Atlantic City, New Jersey. Today there is a bewildering choice of locations – even St Albans is one. Living near Oxford Ian had a field day photographing the board’s stations.

A NIGHT AT THE OPERA – was his first digital AV, made just seven years ago and the Paris Opera, the largest theatre in the world, was caught beautifully on camera.

4 ft 8 ½ inches – tells an interesting story. The US space craft is powered beyond the atmosphere by giant rockets, curiously with diameters of precisely 4 ft 8 ½ inches. The reason for this is that they were constructed in Utah and then transported by train to Florida. The railway tunnels can only cope with loads carried on tracks of that size. US railroads were built to the British standard of 4 ft 8 ½ inches and these were based on roads which carried loads not wider than that. This was the measured distance between the backsides of two working horses engaged in ploughing and that dates back to Roman times. So the US spacecraft was designed originally by the Romans!

Further short sequences followed – the story of Hamden Pye, shot in Faringdon near Ian’s home town of Wantage, relates how Hamden was killed by someone who was forever haunted by the beheaded corpse. Another intriguing sequence was based on Gormley’s statues in London, cleverly photographed by Ian on a brief trip to the city.

He rounded off his ‘show’ by using presentations made by fellow AV enthusiasts, one by David and Carol Gillow entitled ‘The Red Shoes’ and another extraordinary documentary of Pink Floyd, ‘The Final Act’ beautifully photographed and authoritatively commented on.

We went home ‘bombed out’ as somebody commented – stunned by the sheer expertise we had enjoyed during the evening.

OPEN PRINTS Round 3. Judge Mark Buckley-Sharp ARPS CPAGB APAGB (Harrow CC) 14th October 2010

Twenty seven prints were submitted for Mark’s scrutiny. In the course of his judging Mark advised that we should invariably use 50 cm x 40 cm mounts (the size supplied by the Club) and preferably off white or a variation, since black mounts have become ‘unfashionable’ in print circles.

The general standard was well up to scratch and five were held back for final marking. ‘Wheels’ and ‘Eyes on the Road’ (authors not announced) scored 19, whilst Derek Dixon’s infra red ‘Family Walk’, also on 19 was placed third. Two 20s needed to be separated: Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell’s ‘Bridge of Sighs’ in Venice was awarded runner-up to Ken Liversidge’s ‘Ponte Vecchio’ in Florence, a particularly attractively adjusted treatment. Congratulations go to Ken.

The Landscape Cup for Projected Images judged by Terry Coffey (Chalfonts & Gerrards Cross CC) 7th October 2010

Fifty five images were entered – an encouraging number for this competition which was initiated by the writer many years ago. In recent years the ‘rules’ of what constitutes ‘a landscape’ have been relaxed and broadened to some extent, allowing seascapes, skyscapes and even urban landscapes – hence the portrait of York Minster, which scored 19. Conversely, the judge did not consider scenes featuring cows grazing a paddock or a sailing boat on water, or cyclists crossing a field legitimate subjects. He did, however, hold seven entries back and awarded five 20s. Awarded 20s yet unplaced were excellent pictures of ‘Late Autumn’ and Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell’s ‘Talisker Bay’, whilst Derek Dixon’s delightful ‘Brocket Park Bridge’ was awarded third place. Rod Fricker’s tweaked ‘Halong Bay’ in Vietnam was placed runner up to the worthy winner, Chris Gilbert’s brilliantly lit ‘Shenleybury Field’, a view taken only a short distance from the author’s home, which goes to prove that you don’t have to be a world traveller to win.

Terry’s advice to us all was to echo Joe Cornish’s dictum ‘TLC’ – Time of Day, not midday, Light, remembering how photography may be said to be painting with light, and the all important Composition. Nevertheless, he urged us to consider all the advice available but then make your own mind up; after all, advice is at best very subjective. Technical mastery is, of course, essential and you have control over that but don’t be discouraged by the judge’s comments.

I might add this: read books by Joe Cornish or Colin Prior and then get outdoors at the right opportunity.

Park Street Camera Club Member’s image selected for RPS publication

PSCC Member Jill Hobson has had an image accepted for Portfolio Two - a limited edition book to be published this year by The Royal Photographic Society (RPS).

The image, entitled Fritillary Meadow, was taken on a visit to Magdalen College in Oxford, on a beautiful spring day in 2009. Jill wanted to convey a dreamlike mood in her picture of this meadow which has been undisturbed for centuries. Fritillaries are recorded as having grown here since at least 1785.

There were over 3,500 images submitted for Portfolio Two, of which only a small proportion were selected. The book is full colour, high quality, with 240 pages, and shows current styles and trends within the RPS and the photography of its members. There are contributions from well-known photographers as well as members' portfolios and illustrated articles.


Monday, 20th September 2010 to Saturday, 2nd October 2010

We have our Print Exhibition in The St Albans Central Library, The Maltings, St Albans, where you can see a display of some of our best prints this year.


An Evening with Micki Aston 30th September

We were entertained very well by Micki who showed us 420 slides taken during her many visits to North America. Her commentary and knowledge of the areas covered were excellent and many of the images had gained her awards and acclaim throughout the photographic world. Of particular interest were the many images taken in the Slot Canyons of the American Southwest. The colours were stunning. An enjoyable evening was had by all.

Landscape Cup for Prints judged by Paul Mitchell ARPS 23rd September 2010


Twenty four prints were submitted for Paul to assess. Given the perennial discussion point as to ‘what constitutes a landscape’, he was quick to declare that as far as he was concerned they all met the criterion. Furthermore, judging by the marks awarded, he must have thought what a wonderful set they were, averaging 17.6 each. Paul must be one of the breed of judges who, like modern educationists, look at the best aspects of the work in front of him and mark accordingly but, on reflection, I did not feel these were the best prints we had seen at the Club and Paul was over generous with his marks. However, a judge can only comment on what he is given and we must congratulate Ron Brown given fourth place for his ‘Windswept Beach’ on 19 and highly commended, Chris Gilbert’s Powderhouse in Northumberland, third with 20, runner-up Terry Day’s ‘Row of Trees’ again on 20 and the winner Chris Gilbert’s ‘Provence Spring’ also on 20. Congratulations to to Chris, who took home the very trophy which he had brought with him.

Derek Wenzerul announced that a twin lens Mamiya medium format camera was up for sale, the very film camera which Paul Mitchell was using to prepare for his FRPS panel. Don’t all rush!


1stProvence Spring by Chris Gilbert
2ndRow of Trees by Terry Day
3rdThe Powder House by Chris Gilbert

Holiday Snaps 16th September 2010

First meeting back after the long summer break and there was no shortage of members willing to show off and speak about their holiday images. They ranged from Pembrokeshire to Nepal and many more places in between. In the end there was not enough time to show everybody’s images but it made an interesting start to the new session.

24th June 2010 – Summer Social

No report available

PEOPLE CUP for Projected Images judged by Alan Colegrave 17th June 2010


1stWant a Postcard? By Rod Fricker
2ndPortrait by John Jennings
3rdNepali Villager by Ron Brown

PEOPLE CUP for Prints judged by Kevin Herbert 10th June 2010


1stThumbs Up by Chris Gilbert
2ndTasmanian Logger by David Grieves
3rdDavid and Jane by Martin Wise

PROJECTED IMAGES Round 2 Judged by Ian Shaw (Hemel Hempstead PS) 3 June 2010

Fifty seven images were considered with mature assurance by our judge. His experience showed, he knew his subject matter and had the vocabulary and perception to arrive at a mark which was generally one agreed by those present and his style was very direct. Ian held back nine images.

Two 19s were awarded – the first to Derek Dixon’s Moor Mill Lake and the other to Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell’s Open Wide – a remarkable frame filling feline mouth.

Three 20s were judged: 3rd Derek Dixon’s Blue Tit; 2nd The Good, the Bad and the …. By Rod Fricker on holiday in the Far East, and the winner was Chris Gilbert’s City Hall.

Congratulations to Chris and thanks to the judge!


Peter Smith, tour leader, described how he and his colleague David had led fifty safaris to East Africa, India, the Galapagos Islands, Spitzbergen, Scotland and elsewhere. He showed some excellent shots of wildebeest, marine iguanas, Bengal tigers, polar bears, elephants, tree frogs, gorillas, sparrow hawks, lynx, arctic fox, tawny owls, zebras etc. You can only imagine the total number of images captured by them on so many journeys and they showed many of great quality.

After tea, prints brought by our own members were given critiques by the two experts in a light hearted way and Derek’s humble wood pigeon was declared the best on the night. Check their website ( and ponder the prospect of a 9-day safari for around £3,000, or for most of us …dream on!

16 May 2010 OPEN PRINTS Round 2 – judged by Alan Taberer (Imagez)

Ten members submitted a total of thirty prints. Alan took the unusual step of preferring his first glimpse of the photographs to be when they appear on the easel. He likes to judge prints because he feels that the photographer puts more into them than digital images. Six were held back, all quite different and the final three were as follows: Derek Dixon’s ‘Back Door Visitor’ awarded 19 and placed third, John Jennings ‘An Evening Swim’ got 20 and was declared runner up to Chris Gilbert’s ‘City Hall’, another 20, making good use of his wide angle lens and winning this round of the annual competition. Congratulations Chris!

John Rolfe

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