News - 2011/12

Competition – Print of the Year – Judge Chris Palmer ARPS AFIAP DPAGB APAGB (Amersham CC) 15th March 2012

What a wonderful way to round off our 2011-2012 competition season. There were 59 prints, all of the highest standard, for Chris to assess and mark to finally arrive at the Print of the Year. His approach was, as usual, both critical but helpful, telling us how he would adjust, albeit only slightly in most instances, to improve matters.

There were 14 prints held back for marking at the end of the evening, of which 5 were awarded 18 marks, 4 were given 19 and 5 achieved the top mark of 20. From these 5 prints he then chose the following placed images:

1stBoat Woman on the Tonal Sap, Cambodia by Maggie Fricker
2ndCorn Bunting by Ron Brown
3rdEuropean Eagle Owl by Connie Fitzgerald

The remaining two twenties were by Peter Hobson & Terry Day

The three placed images may be viewed under Competition Winners in the Galleries section of this website.

Projected Image of the Year – Judge Stan McCartin LRPS CPAGB APAGB (Harrow CC) 8th March 2012

There were 58 images for Stan to view, comment on and mark and in his usual efficient and entertaining way he was soon in his stride. He held back 8 images for further consideration, of which 6 of them were awarded 20 out of 20.

His final placings were:

1stCollision Course by Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell
2ndStorm Brewing by Rosemary Wenzerul
3rdSt Ives by Terry Day

Jeremy will hold the trophy for Best Projected Image of the Year 2011/2012 for the forthcoming year.

Full report to follow

Competition – AV Presentations – The Ralph Firmin Tankard. Judge: Les Sptitz ARPS (Pinner CC) 1st March 2012

  1. Lancaster Taxi – Rod Fricker
    A good introduction with 4 Merlin engines starting up on the Battle of Britain Flight’s remaining Lancaster bomber at RAF Coningsby, supplemented with a short burst of video. An appropriate sound–track of a familiar march meant that ’things seem to be coming right’. Les praised Rod's good use of zooms and pan effects. (placed 4th)
  2. Italian Holiday-Martin Wise
    Familiar sights to lovers of all things Italian- the song ‘Volare’, glimpses of Stresa, Isola Bella, beautiful Bellagio, a day trip to Switzerland to see Zermatt and The Matterhorn set the scene. Les approved the holiday jet’s take-off, the popular music, the place-name titles which helped identify, the bright sunlight and excellent photography ‘a very good AV apart from the rather sudden ending’ (placed 3rd)
  3. Hanstead Wood –Rosemary and Derek Wenzerul
    -comprised an appreciation of the ex-HSBC woodland, with seasonal snowdrops fungi and various types of wildlife. Les commented’ it was good that the pictures were all the same size, Rosemary’s commentary was good apart from the need to turn the sound right down when you speak your lines to avoid any conflict. The AV worked well’.
  4. Pompeii and Herculanium - Ken Liversidge
    A good record of the un-covered town of Pompeii situated at the foot of Vesuvius once enveloped in molten lava from the volcano which also devastated neighbouring Herculanium. Les’s only reservation was that he would like to have seen more about it when it happened, possibly with a bit of drama created by a sudden darkening of the pictures and/or changing the music. Nevertheless we had been given a good insight into what is there.
  5. The beauty of Winter-Chris Gilbert.
    Frosted everything- hedges, grass, reeds , shivering dogs and their walkers ,robins, grebes, swans, and horses, Park Jan Wungs ‘Winter Sonata,’really good photos and a sound track that went really well’. Les’s only criticism was that the photos should always be the same size when projected - a minor criticism because the judge enjoyed it very much. (placed 2nd)
  6. Patterns of Morocco – Rod Fricker
    Loud traditional music, very colourful scenes of traditional architecture, ceilings, copper houseware , tassels, spices, a singer’s strident voice, all at frenetic pace. Les commented ‘quite a different pace from the previous AV. ‘Winter’ had slow fades whilst ‘Morocco’s’ kept pace with the music which gave a good feel for the country’s colour and sounds.
  7. Vincent –Martin Wise
    Martin’s photography was all taken by scanning pictures in a book, a somewhat risky decision for the judge to consider. Very familiar images - irises, sunflowers, boats, and great landscapes interspersed with canals and perfect pictures. Les’s problem was ‘whose pictures?’ Don McLean’s music was the perfect accompaniment. Above all it was very watchable, ’a lovely AV’. (The winner)
    NB The PAGB does not really approve of third party images, although short video clips are allowed if appropriate.
  8. Within a mile –Terry Day
    Good winter shots of the Well End area, including the Mops and Brooms pub (terry’s local) snowdrops,and winter fields succeeded by ripening fields of rape and wheat, ending with the almost obligatory sunset. Les said ‘despite being close to London this area has lots of local countryside; the change to monochrome in the middle was effective and was great about where we live’.
  9. Canals and Rivers- by Ken Liversidge
    Mozart’s ‘Eine Kleine Nachtmusik’ went well with the many canal locks that opened the programme. Les’s verdict ‘great photography good clear photos- a good collection, the zoom effects were not overdone. However, it needed a little more structure e.g. which river or canal was it? Different categories of bridges or barges perhaps? It didn’t come over as a story as well as it might have.

The club’s standard of producing AV’s is improving steadily - hence very few adverse comments from the judge. Martin Wise took the cup and few would have quibbled with that. Well done Martin!

Competition – Mono Prints & PDIs. Judge: Colin Southgate FRPS DAPGB (Harpenden PS) 23rd February 2012

Thirty four projected images were entered. ‘Line, form and texture’ were Colin’s guidelines as he commented on them and eight were deemed sufficiently good to hold back, all going on to be awarded at least 18 points. The final three were difficult to separate but eventually third place went to John Jennings for Park Bench, runner-up was Rosemary Wenzerul’s beautiful Leonberger dogs and first place went to Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell’s innovative ‘Tube Train’.

Twenty three prints were put on to the easel, where proper lighting gave the judge quite different impressions from when they were lying flat. Ron Brown’s Morning Arrival, Peter Hobson’s Hanseatic Quarter in Bergen and Chris Gilbert’s Gate to the Dunes were all highly commended. Third place went to Terry Day’s Centre of Brussels and Chris Gilbert’s The Warehouse was runner up to Ron Brown’s ‘Sticky Silhouette’. Well done Ron!

All in all, this relatively new competition was well supported, well executed and, above all, superlatively well judged by Colin, who has long been an enthusiast for this aspect of photography.


Here are the final top placings for Print Photographer of the Year 2011/12

1stChris Gilbert265 points
2ndJohn Jennings260 points
3rd=Connie Fitzgerald256 points
Maggie Fricker
Peter Winter

Congratulations to you all

Competition – Open Prints Round 5. Judge: Alan Colgrave APAGB (Harrow CC) 16th February 2012

So we reach the last round of the Print Photographer of the Year 2011/12. There are still a hand-full of members who could take the title so there is still all to play for. Alan was making an early return to Park Street after his talk in November when he showed us many of his prints. This time he is commenting on ours!

There were 30 prints to consider and Alan coped with this admirably, giving useful and considered comments on them all. He held back a couple of images but awarded two twenties immediately; both were people pictures. From the two twenties he chose his first and second places and from the four prints scoring nineteen points he then had to choose his third placed image.

First place went to Chris Gilbert with a splendid portrait of a jazz singer at the Notting Hill Carnival, second was an action shot taken at a junior rugby match by Ken Liversidge and third also went to Chris with his print of The Matterhorn.

The result of the Print Photographer of the Year was not announced but was kept a secret for a future occasion.

8-Way Print Battle at St Albans CC. Judge: Chris Palmer ARPS AFIAP DPAGB APAGB (Field End PS) 14th February 2012

Once again we entered this annual competition which St Albans has been running for many years and again it was a pleasant and interesting evening. It’s just a shame that not more PSCC members support it. Never-the-less two of us went along with our eight prints chosen from those that have performed best throughout the year and once again we didn’t win the coveted cake that is awarded to the winning club. Never mind – perhaps next year?

We finished in 5th place this year – two better than last year. The results were as follows:

4thCroxley Green128
6th=New City123
St Albans

Competition – Projected Images battle with Harpenden. Judge: Terry Coffey 9th February 2012

Park Street Camera Club 441 — 413 Harpenden PS

Park Street’s 21 contributors did battle against just 16 from Harpenden. PSCC average score was 17.6 compared with Harpenden’s 16.5. Park Street were awarded 7 twenties, Harpenden only 1.

Enough of statistics; some excellent images were projected – the 25 best from each club. Furthermore, we were treated to a masterly management of the task set before the judge. Terry’s analysis was precise and his suggestions to the authors on how their work might be improved were perceptive and positive. Above all, this bi-annual battle, long a feature of each club’s programme (prints one year and slides the next) was fought in its usual friendly fashion. The result was a very pleasing, if surprising, result for the home team. It confirmed that Park Street currently attracts some very competent photographers.

Follow-up from previous report

CACC Rosebowl Round 3. Judge: Paul DeSylva 2nd February 2012

It was decided by the Rosebowl organisers that Paul should re-judge the images and this took place at our Chairman’s home in the presence of a representative from one of the other competing clubs (Amersham). The result therefore is as follows.

1st Amersham
2nd= Croxley & Park Street
4th Northfield

The exact scores are not available to me at present but should be available to PSCC members on the Members’ Page in due course.

Competition – CACC Rosebowl Round 3. Judge by Chris Anderson 2nd February 2012

This, the final round of the CACC Rosebowl was scheduled to be judged by Paul deSylva but unfortunately Paul did not arrive and was not contactable by telephone. After discussion between all four participating clubs it was decided that we should continue with the evening with Chris Anderson of Park Street Camera Club, a CACC accredited judge, standing in for Paul. If this was eventually deemed unsatisfactory by the competition organisers another solution would have to be found.

There were 15 PDIs from each club which Chris handled with aplomb. His comments were both interesting and helpful and his marking could not really be faulted. The standard of the images was extremely high which resulted in Chris holding 16 back all of which received either 19 or 20 marks.

A fuller report and the scores will follow as soon as the information is available. The provisional result made PSCC first by a single point but, until the competition organisers accept the method employed to fulfil the evening, we cannot claim the victory.

The other competing clubs were Amersham, Croxley Green and Northfields.

Competition – Open Prints Round 4. Judge Kevin Herbert 26th January 2012

This was the penultimate round to decide the Print Photographer of the Year and unfortunately it only attracted 27 images. Kevin was through his comments & marking by coffee break so we had an early night. His analyses were straight and to the point and he only awarded one twenty. There were six eighteens from which he then chose his second and third.

The top three places were:

1stTotally Absorbed by Derek Dixon
2ndMale Kingfisher with Fish by Peter Winter
3rdHesworth Common Sussex by Chris Gilbert

There are only 7 points separating the top six photographers for PPOTY. Round 5 will be crucial.

Competition – Open Projected Images Round 5. Judge Chris Sargeant (Chesham CC) 12th January 2012

Surely one of the CACC’S most respected judges Chris Sargeant tackled the 63 images entered with great assurance. He had no hesitation in awarding 20 to Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell’s One Man and his Dog (beautifully silhouetted at the side of a magnificent tree). This one took the monthly cup – well done Jeremy.

Seven others were held back. Third place went to Terry Day’s painterly view of St Ives at low tide and second place to Martin Wise’s Venetian Reflection.

The winner of the season’s Projected Images Photographer of the Year was too close to call immediately but Terry Day published the result next day. The top four places were keenly contested: Jeremy was placed fourth, Rosemary Wenzerul third with John Jennings runner-up by two points to Chris Gilbert. Congratulations to Chris and indeed to all members who entered all 5 rounds.

Thanks must also go to Terry Day for managing the five rounds so patiently – not an easy task.

Full results on Members' page

Members’ Evening 5th January 2012

The theme of the meeting was judging. 25 images were supplied by Stan McCartin, current chairman of the Chilterns Ass of Camera Clubs.

The images were projected and each member was invited to enter a score for each one on the score-sheet supplied. During the interval Rod and Maggie beavered away on the laptop entering everybody’s score on a matrix. At that point some interesting analysis took place. Average scores were calculated, the modal score calculated and the standard deviation between the highest and lowest scores arrived at. Some members proved to be high scorers, others low, in one case extremely low - which didn’t matter in itself except that an invitation to return would not be very likely. Clearly members do not like to be awarded low marks and this has probably accounted for judges’ higher scores over the years. Many other inferences could be made, of course, but at least members might have been made better aware of some of the pitfalls we set our judges when they come to assess our masterpieces. Rod and Maggie worked hard to secure the success of the evening and were thanked for doing so.

We were also entertained by Chris Anderson, our Vice-Chairman, who is currently a judge on the CACC circuit. His insight into what judging was really like and some of the pitfalls to avoid was most interesting.

The meeting concluded with yet another attempt to seek agreement on defining a landscape. The strict definition employed by the club for the first ten years of its inter club competition – namely that two thirds of the photo should be land, has been softened recently, ranging from a view of Big Ben’s tower being acceptable to various PAGB and RPS options. I fear that we are no nearer to reaching an agreement.

A New Year message from the Secretary

Dear All

Do hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas and are now busy making all your New Year resolutions - I will take more photos! They will be better pictures! etc., etc.

So, just to remind you, next Thursday - 5th January, our first week back is one of our members' evenings. We are going to have an evening all about judging. There will be some practical activities and a talk from one of our judges about what is like to be a judge and there will be a chance for you to express your opinion about the judging process at our competitions. Please bring a pen with you and a small torch (if possible) so you can see to write some scores.

Look forward to seeing you then

Christmas Social 8th December 2011

As usual the food that miraculously appeared was superb & plentiful. There were several quizzes/minder teasers to keep us busy whilst dining & chatting. Anne worked very hard to ensure the usual success of this event which climaxed with the two sides of the room trying to outdo one another in a singing contest! It was great fun since we had to compose our renditions based upon photographic terminology.

We wish all who read this a very Merry Christmas & a Happy & Healthy 2012

We are back as usual on 5th January 2012 with a Members’ Evening

Competition: Wildlife Cups. Judge Andy Sands (XRR) 1st December 2011

1stWaking Up by John Jennings20
2ndSmall Copper by Chris Gilbert20
3rdGarden Takeawy – Sparrowhawk & Collared Dove by John Jennings19
Projected Images
1stCape Fur Seal by Jacqueline Taylor20
2ndHolding Tight, Lily Beetle by Chris Gilbert20
3rdEye is for Iguana by Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell20

There was one more 20 pointer on the night and that was also by Jacqueline Taylor; titled Dinner Time and was placed 4th.

NW London Federation Inter-club Competition Round 3 – Judge Terry Coffey 28th November 2011

We entered this round of the competition having won one round and came third in the other. In this competition the club with the highest total score from all three rounds goes through to the semi-final. We therefore started this final leg with a slender lead. Could we hold on to that lead or even improve upon it?

In the end we did just that with another resounding victory. The final scores on the night were as follows:

1stPark Street CC185
2ndEaling & Hampshire House PS177
3rdPinner CC176

The final placings therefore ended as follows:

1stPark Street CC 582
2ndEaling & Hampshire House PS573
3rdPinner CC569

We received two 20s and both received a star, indicating the judge’s favourite images. They were Sue Anderson’s beautiful PDI entitled “Water Lily Reflections” and Chris Gilbert’s lovely print of “Wastwater”. I’m sure we will see these images again before the end of our session. Well done both of you.

We now go forward to the semi-final but as yet do not know the exact format, date or venue.

NW London Fed Inter-Club Competition Round 2 – Judge: Barbara Lyddiatt (Chalfonts & Gerrards Cross CC) 24th November 2011

This was the second meeting between our 3 clubs and another 15 projected images & 15 prints were presented for Barbara to view & mark. The nice thing about this competition is the fact that the number of images makes it a good opportunity for the judge to give every image their full attention. This Barbara did to her usual high standard with the following result.

1stPark Street CC9194185
2ndPinner CC 9090180
3rdEaling & Hampshire House PS9084174

The Stars for Prints were awarded to;
Ron Brown (PSCC)
Karen Bhamra (Ealing & HH PS)
And for Projected Images
Chris Gilbert (PSCC)
Roger Stelfox (Pinner CC)

Competition: Prints Round 3. Judge Mark Edwardes 17th November 2011

There were 33 prints, 12 of which were held back by Mark for further consideration. His final selection were all given 20 points and were placed as follows.

1st Bridge over the Colne by Derek Dixon
2nd Dunstanburgh – Northumberland
3rd Swan Lake by Ron Brown

The full results are available to members via the Members page

Talk – Television to the Photographic Studio by Alan Colgrave APAGB (Harrow CC) 3rd November 2011

Alan treated us to a very interesting & informative trip through his life in television documentary making up to the present day with his extensive studio work. He illustrated this with many superb prints.

27th October 2011 – Inter-club Landscape Competition – judged by Peter Jackman APAGB (Princes Risborough PS)

Once again this event was a resounding success but unfortunately we were pipped at the post by our neighbours from St Albans PS. The final placings were as follows:-

St Albans126
Park Street125
Croxley 123
Hemel Hempstead120
Potters Bar 120
Barnet & Finchley117

The cup for the best Image of the evening was won by Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell of Park Street for his image "A Light Caress of Sunshine"

There were some stunning images shown, and to have such close results, with just 10 points between the highest and the lowest totals of ten clubs, was amazing and a very nail-biting conclusion, thanks to our very entertaining and perceptive Judge, Peter Jackman.

Full result details available to PSCC members on the Members page

NW Fed Competition Round 1 - away at Ealing & Hampshire House PS 27th October 2011

The result was as follows:-

Ealing & Hampshire House PS222
Pinner CC213
Park Street CC212

Ealing were awarded 3 stars whilst Pinner achieved 1 star

Full result details available to PSCC members on the Members page

Competition: Projected Images Round 3. Judge: Ian Shaw (Hemel Hempstead PS) 20th October 2011

There were 56 projected images shown and the result was as follows:

1stChris Gilbert
2ndRosemary Wenzerul
3rdJacqueline Taylor

All three images gained 20 marks as did the 4th placed image, also by Chris.

Full report to follow & see Members page for full results

Ken L

Competition: The Landscape Cup for Prints. Judge Terry Coffey (Chalfonts & Gerrards Cross CC) 13th October 2011

Terry Coffey made a welcome return to PSCC to judge our prints section of The Landscape Cup. There were 23 images to admire and comment upon, which Terry did admirably. He gave both constructive & useful comments upon every print before arriving at his final placings. There were four 20s awarded and 2 19s which indicates the very high standard of prints submitted.

Full details plus the winning images may be viewed on the Members page but here are the placings.

1stChris Gilbert
2ndJeremy Fraser-Mitchell
3rdDerek Dixon

The other print scoring 20 was by Terry Day.

Competition - The Landscape Cup for Projected Images. Judge Peter Prosser, APAGB 6th October 2011

The much respected Peter Prosser was the appointed judge of our 51 entries. He held back just 8, having eliminated the rest, either on the grounds of them being poorly lit, ‘lacking ‘shape’ or ‘bizarrely saturated’. For Peter, shapes, contours and lighting are the 3 vital ingredients of a good landscape photograph.

Miranda Steward’s ‘September in the Rockies’ earned equal 4th with Chris Anderson’s ‘Dunstable Downs’, both on 19. Chris Anderson’s ‘On the Purbeck Hills’ was placed 3rd – also on 19 – whilst John Woodworth’s excellent ‘Sunlit Valley’ and ‘Italian Countryside’ ,both on 20, were placed 1st and 2nd.

Landscapes were once regarded as the Club’s strongest point; sadly since the rules were relaxed, almost anything goes today and we can hardly enter the inter-club competition on 27th October at How Wood School with any confidence, when the great Peter Jackman will be the judge.


From Monday, 19th September 2011 to Saturday, 1st October 2011


St. Albans Central Library, The Maltings, St. Albans
(Library opening times apply)

Come and see some of the prints that were produced by our members during the last year

Potters Bar Trophy (Inter-club projected digital images) - Judged by Paul Joachim, LRPS 6th June 2011

Unfortunately no club members were able to attend this annual event but in our absence Park Street Camera Club managed to win by just a single point.

No details of this win are available despite considerable attempts being made to obtain a detailed result sheet. Below we list the images used in this competition.

Each of these authors will hold the trophy for a period of the coming year.

Competition: Open Projected Images Round 1. Judge Roger Crocombe (Watford PS) 12th May 2011

Roger declared that he would be looking forward to originality when assessing our 51 images. He held back no fewer than 14 to see again and finally settled on four entries which were awarded the maximum 20 points. Connie Fitzgerald's Eyewitness was placed fourth and Ron Brown's Hoverfly third. Rosemary Wenzerul's ingenious abstract sand pattern was runner-up to Connie's row of pears with reflections entitled A Motley Line-up a well-deserved winner.

Talk - Underwater Photography North of the Tropic of Cancer by Peter Tatton (St Albans PS) 25th May 2011

Peter's well prepared presentation began with striking shots of bull sharks in just ten feet of water. He then ventured from the Caribbean to the Red Sea, the latter supporting much more coral as well as moray eels, sea anemones, clams, groper fish and squid. A further favourite diving area lies in the Mediterranean west of Marseille, where red cardinal fish and blinnies abound. Further south the Canary Islands offer warmer waters and different wildlife, such as rays, conger eels and fire worms. By contrast the colder waters off Norway support wolf fish whilst nearer to home British waters display basking sharks, octopus, rays, ling and lobsters. Even the sea under Swanage Pier is well worth investigating. In the interval Peter brought along his waterproof cameras for members to handle and he succeeded in making it an interesting, informative and entertaining evening.

It's a Knockout – fun evening. 5th May 2011

We started our new club year with a fun evening where members were invited to submit images that were different or manipulated in some way for fellow members to vote upon. We started with 73 images which were whittled down to 64, from then on it was a gradual case of elimination round by round until we got to the favourite.

There were some interesting entries and the final two were no exception. Both were by Connie Fitzgerald and both had been heavily manipulated in Photoshop. The winner, “Tulips”, was a riot of colours on a black background whilst “Negotiation”, in second place, was a conversion to a pencil drawing – both very appealing and cleverly done.

Third equal were a clever image of bottles, the whole image being split up into small sections as though on individual postcards by Chris Gilbert and a moody early morning street scene by Jim Westlake.

Amongst the eliminated images were many superb manipulations which I am sure will be seen again in our upcoming season of competitions.

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