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7th March 2013 - Competition - Print of the Year - judged by Stan McCartin LRPS, CPAGB, APAGB (Harrow CC)

The task of judging the second of the two major end-of-season competitions was placed in the safe hands of a corner-stone of the Chilterns Association. Given 45 prints to assess, the work of just 10 keen members, he rolled up his sleeves and set to work with his characteristic enthusiasm, good humour and sound judgment.

Given that he knew that the images on the easel were the best that the members had produced during the season, it was unusual to mark them individually and quite so generously. Indeed, no fewer than10 twenties were awarded, giving us a second viewing of the finalists, some black and white, others in colour, some local and others far away. Almost seeking the audience's approval he eliminated one after another until only 3 remained.

Chris Gilbert's River Arno in Florence was placed third, runner-up was Ron Brown's Life by the Road which left Terry Day's delightful image of a City of London Scene, near the Bank of England, characterised by some splashes of amber and blue in the street scene, as Print of the Year. Well done Terry.


There will shortly be a new page in the MEMBERS SECTION of this website where you can view upcoming external competition details in which our club or club members are involved. These often occur on a different day of the week to our usual meeting and do not appear in our published programme. Your support at such events is always appreciated.

The next of these competitions is on Thursday, 7th February 2013 at Chalfont & Gerrards Cross CC where we are competing in Round 3 of the Rosebowl.

Then on Tuesday, 19th February 2013 there are two events, both print competitions, one at Harpenden PS and the other at St Albans CC. The NW Fed Finals will be held at Amersham on Saturday, 23rd February 2013.

Keep watching for this new page - it's coming soon

Any member who is unaware or unable to access this Members' Section please email any committee member for details of how to get into it.


7th February 2013 - Talk - “A year through my lens” by Tony Hawkins (Pinner CC)

Good things come from Pinner Camera Club. At Park Street we look forward to visits from Les Spitz and his splendid AV's. This week a newcomer to us, Tony Hawkins, visited. As soon as he mentioned that his travelling companion was Andy Sands we knew that good photographs were on the way. Like Andy, Tony's interest started as a hobby and it just grew to something short of an obsession. Surprisingly, he congratulated the club on our well-calibrated projector.

To lend some sort of order to his talk, his second of two, he planned to run through the four seasons starting with Winter. Some well caught natural history was to follow; back-lit red squirrels, robins, and snow buntings are very photogenic. Frozen lakes and coots are familiar enough but to visit Snettisham for a week-end, to lie down and snap turnstones for hours demands that little extra discipline.

In Spring, Snowdrops always hint of warmer weather to come and by April the bluebells in Dockey Wood, Ashridge, are always lovely but Tony goes one better with 20-second exposures. Otters are, as ever, elusive in the wild, stag beetles (preferably caught mating) are fascinating, robins perched on upturned flower pots, feasting on concealed mealworms. Tony's belief is that 'good pictures are created and not taken'. Forays to Upper Teesdale have proved very successful, resulting in great shots of bullfinches, mistlethrushes, pied wagtails, lapwings, young cuckoos being fed by reed warblers, kingfishers perched on tripods, rabbits taken at eye level by lying down on the grass. Field mice and dormice, spiders in dew-laden webs have all been bagged.

After the tea-break Tony completed the year, concentrating on his second great passion, namely landscapes. He invariably shoots in RAW, 99% of the time on a tripod or beanbag. Woodcutters Walk at Ashridge in Autumn was a case in point. Dorset and Cornwall are favoured landscape locations and pre-dawn or the late evening 'afterglow' rewarding times of the day. Elterwater in The Lakes, with the Langdale Pikes in the distance, Blea Tarn in May and Autumn, Thorpe Cloud in Derbyshire, Corfe Castle in Dorset in pre-dawn mist, Old Harry rocks and the Old Pier in Swanage, Dancing Edge and Peveril Point, Durdle Door, and Portland Bill, all on the Dorset, coast are wonderful places to visit.

See them for yourself on his website We at the club eagerly anticipate his next visit.

24th January 2013 - Competition - Open Prints Round 5. Judge Colin Southgate FRPS DPAGB (Harpenden PS)

Colin Southgate had 27 prints to view, comment upon and mark. He coped admirably with this task and by the tea/coffee break we had 5 prints from which he needed to choose his placed images. His final scores for these images were as follows:-

1st placeSaltburn Pier by Chris Gilbert20 points
2nd placeClearing Reeds by Ron Brown20 points
3rd place Squashes Galore by Chris Gilbert 19 points

The remaining 2 prints were Highly Commended. They were:-

Grasshopper Ball by Ron Brown19 points
Bridge Across The Polder by Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell19 points

This was the final competition counting towards The Print Photographer of the Year 2012/13. The top 3 places are:-

1st PlaceChris Gilbert266 points
2nd PlaceTerry Day260 points
3rd PlaceJeremy Fraser-Mitchell252 points

Well done Chris.

10th January 2013 - Competition - Rosebowl - Round 2 - judged by Alan Colegrave

Sixty images were submitted covering a wide range of photogenic subjects. Since they represented the cream of the four clubs' work this season it was not surprising that only four scored fewer than 15. Six were held back and two achieved 20, both by Andy Sands of XRR, and each was awarded a star, which may be taken into account if and when his club reaches the Final. Congratulations Andy!

Final positions were: XRR - 267

PSCC267 points
Stokenchurch245 points
Northfields238 points

The results are out!

Following last Thursday's competition we now know the top placings in the Projected Image Photographer of the Year 2013. They are:

1st place with 275 points: Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell
2nd place with 273 points: Rosemary Wenzerul
3rd place with 266 points: Connie Fitzgerald
4th place with 265 points: Chris Gilbert

A very close run contest and well done to those named above. A full list of all members' placings will be made available very soon.

3rd January 2013 - Open - Projected images - Round 5 - judged by Mark Buckley-Sharp ARPS CPAGB APAGB (Harrow CC)

This, the final round of this season's competition, received 42 entries. Far from attracting a make-weight entry, many high quality images appeared, many of them in a square format. Mark was sufficiently impressed to hold back no fewer than eleven photographs 'all very nice' and worthy of selection for our Rosebowl entry. Of those no fewer than 4 were awarded the maximum 20, a further four 17 and the rest 18. These four presented Mark with a real problem such were their appeal. Reluctantly he placed Rosemary Wenzerul's 'Leading to the Altar' fourth. Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell's 'Rush Hour' was third, Martin Wise's beautifully caught 'Poppy Love' a close second to Rosemary's 'Hoverfly on Golden Rod'. This was sharp from end to end and, she said, the best of 100 shots of the same subject. Well done Rosemary!

All in all it was an excellent club evening: and who is PI Photographer of the Year?

6th December 2012 - Christmas Social & 50th Anniversary Celebration

This annual event took on special significance this year as it was also another celebration of our 50 years as a photography club. It was attended by many members and their spouses and was enjoyed by all.

To make this year different we had a magician to entertain us and his tricks created a very pleasant party atmosphere. The food, provided by those attending, was, as usual, both plentiful and tasty.

The officers & committee of PSCC wish all of our members and friends from other camera clubs a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year


29th November 2012 - “A Taste of Kapadokya and Konya to the Coast” by Mark & Judy Buckley-Sharp (Harrow CC)

To locate these places, look at a map of Turkey and you find Konya south of Ankara the capital. Geologically volcanic, liquid lava left a layer of basalt - same as our Giants Causeway - on top of a tufa plateau, which was deeply cut by ice and rivers. The result is a spectacular landscape of tufa columns.

The area has proved to be very attractive to Mark and Judy - they have already made 4 excursions - in addition to the nine to Istanbul. They are also learning the language at evening class. It is, after all, a world heritage site.

Summers are hot, houses are primitive, being no more than mud in some cases, and the people can be wild; this is the home of the whirling dervishes yet they made elaborate tombs.

The journey south to the Mediterranean Sea carries you through 2-3000 metre mountains leading to the Turkish Lake District. Lake Budur is shrinking steadily thanks to the excessive abstraction of the water for farming. Forestry is widely practiced - a form of agricultural insurance in a climate which can be marginal for cropping.

Their interesting talk was accompanied by several attractive prints of the area and its people, together with samples of obsidian tools (volcanic glass) and rustic crafts.

22nd November 2012 - Competition - Wildlife Cups - Prints & Projected Images. Judge: Andy Sands (XRR)

Andy had 36 projected images and 20 prints to comment on and judge which he accomplished in his usual efficient and knowledgeable fashion. By coffee break we had a winner of the PI Wildlife Cup, namely Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell and by the end of the evening Jeremy had also collected the Print Wildlife Cup. A clean sweep! Well done Jeremy.

The placings were as follows:

Projected Images
1st place “Pallas Cat” by Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell
2nd place“Humming Bird at Rest” by Miranda Steward
3rd place“Kallima Paralekta” by Sue Anderson
1st place “Look what I found” by Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell
2nd Place“Blue Tit” by Chris Gilbert
3rd Place“Animals Grazing” by Jacqueline Taylor

15th November 2012 - Competition - NW London Federation Interclub Competition - Round 2 - judged by Paul De Sylva (Hemel Hempstead PS)

Paul chose to judge the three clubs' Projected Images first. The 15 photographs had all been previously entered in club competitions this season and represented the best available, so it was not surprising that all scored 15 or better.

Second and third places at this half-way stage went to Park Street and Wycombe P.S. with both scoring 86 points, while Field End P.S. took the lead on 91.

After the interval Paul judged the 15 prints. Wycombe's five scored 84, PSCC 92 and Field End 94, resulting in a victory for Field End on 185 compared with PSCC's 178 and Wycombe's 170.

Well done Field End!

Our congratulations go to our own Chris Gilbert who scored 20 in both classes. With one round remaining there is everything to play for.

8th November 2012 - Competition - Open - Prints - Round 4

The published judge was unable to attend and all attempts to find a replacement failed despite much telephoning around. Rather than abandon the evening it was decided that the membership should judge and mark the 28 prints entered. Four members, not exhibiting, were asked to comment on each print prior to the actual scoring process. This task was carried out by Rod Fricker, Chris Anderson, Martin Wise and yours truly, Ken Liversidge. It made for an interesting and enjoyable evening and the final results were as follows:

1st “Street in Rye” by Terry Day 19 points
2nd “Along the River Arno” by Chris Gilbert 18 points
3rd “Woodland Walk” by Chris Gilbert18 points

This method of scoring a competition had been discussed by the committee and a trial run had been thought of but this opportunity came along and generally speaking it was a success. Maybe we will adopt this at some point in the future.

Competition:Rosebowl 2012 Round 1 at St Albans. 6th November 2012

Round 1 of the Rosebowl 2012-13 competition took place at at St Albans, between Ealing & Hampshire House P S, Marlow CCI, Park Street CC and St Albans CC.

Each club was required to submit15 digital images, with a maximum of 4 per author. Park Street was represented by images from Rosemary Wenzerul, Terry Day, Jacqueline Taylor, Connie Fitzgerald, John Jennings, Miranda Steward, Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell, Chris Gilbert, Helen Winter, and Ron Brown.

The judge, Colin Southgate marked with a very wide range of marks indeed from as low as 13 up to four 20s.. The standard was as usual, very high, and there were some excellent images, making a very enjoyable evening's viewing.

As you see below, Ealing & Hampshire House came easily first, three of the four 20's went to them, and both of the stars, so they were in the lead from the beginning and maintained it throughout. There was only a couple of marks between each of the remaining three clubs, though, so that was close..

1stEaling and Hampshire House PS269
2ndMarlow CC255
3rdSt Albans CC 253
4thPark Street CC253

Competition: Open Projected Images Round 4. Judge: Peter Mylchreest (Imagez) - 1 November 2012

42 images were entered by 14 members. Peter appraised them, himself an experienced digital photographer who often offered constructive suggestions and selected seven for final positions. Rosemary Wenzerul's close-up Eagle Owl Portrait was a worthy third on 20, John Jennings's atmospheric Buttresses (St. Albans Abbey) an excellent runner-up to cup-winner Chris Gilbert's More London Place, a monochrome tower block taken at an angle. Well done, Chris!

Next Thursday's Print Competition is potentially less likely to be as well supported than Projected Images and I was fortunate to be advised by our Hon. Sec. Connie that in her experience COSTCO or BOOTS ONLINE were good for prints while e-FRAME would oblige with whatever size mount you might need.

POTTERS BAR TROPHY 2012. Judge Ray Kimberley 11th June 2012

The Judge, Ray Kimberley, marked very critically and widely, within a range from aslow as 10 up to 20, the latter being awarded to just two images (from Barnet & Finchley and Potters Bar). His judging was observant and his comments valid though, and his dry humour made it a very entertaining evening. At the end, two clubs tied equally for first place, and so their tie-breakers were shown,and finally, the winning club was announced; Southgate, closely followed by Potters Bar. Park Street came third, followed by Barnet & Finchley, then Enfield. So Park Street relinquished their hold on the cup this time!

The marks were as follows:

2ndPotters Bar135
3rdPark Street122
4thBarnet & Finchley117

Competition; Open Prints Round 1. Judge Mary Ward (Ealing & Hampshire House PS) - 3rd May 2012

There were 30 prints for Mary to examine, comment upon and mark. She held back 5 images before choosing her placed prints. Two were highly commended; they were “Cromer Pier” by Chris Gilbert and “Bonelli's Warbler” by Ron Brown.

The three placed images all scored 20 marks and were:

1st“Maroon Bellied Parakeets” by Ron Brown
2nd“White Water Olympic Training” by Connie Fitzgerald
3rd“Lunching Lizard” by Connie Fitzgerald

Altogether it a good start to the new season by Connie and Ron.

Competition: Open Projected Images Round 1. Judge: Alan Colgrave APAGB (Harrow CC) - 26th April 2012

Alan Colgrave kindly deputised at two hours notice for Chris King, whose car had broken down. 65 images were entered and the meeting was equally well attended.

Nine were held back and Alan awarded no fewer than five twenties. Unplaced but highly commended were Terry Day's 'Walking the dog' and Rosemary Wenzerul's 'Vortex in Outer Space (Oil on Water)'.

Third place was awarded to John Jennings' 'Alcove in the Tower', runner-up went to Ron Brown's 'Versicoloured Emerald' (humming bird in flight) and the competition cup was deservedly awarded to the current holder, Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell's colourful 'St. Pancras Station'. Well done once again, Jeremy!

This was a very encouraging start to the new season - the club evidently has a number of talented members.

Fun Competition - Creative Projected Images - Judge: Sarah Sands (XRR) - 19th April 2012

We started another session with a fun competition to see how members might produce something different. “Creative Projected Images” was the title and we were treated to 67 varied images. Sarah commented on them all and held back 16 for a second look before arriving at her placed images. They were:

1stSlices of the Lincolnshire Coast by Rosemary Wenzerul
2ndDizzy by Helen Winter
3rdCamera, Action - Photoshop by Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell
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