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Malcolm was accompanied by his fellow enthusiast wife Marion. Faced with two large boards displaying 59 prints, Malcolm set about them in a truly workmanlike fashion and held no fewer than 22 back. Halving them down to 10, and after due deliberation, two were Highly Commended, namely Sue Hipperson's 'Poles' and Connie Fitzgerald's 'Brighton Ghost'.

The Trophy deservedly went to Chris Gilbert's 'Natural History Museum', where he made excellent use of his wide-angle lens in a seemingly empty building. Runner-up was Derek Dixon's 'Fieldfare' and third place went to Chris Gilbert's 'Winter Cornfield'. Well done to all concerned for staging such a high quality collection.

Again, it was felt that we have some very talented print-workers in the club, and their work to be exhibited again next Thursday when we hold our Annual Dinner at the Woollams Sports Ground in Harpenden Road.

John Rolfe


A warm welcome was extended to Paul on his return to the Club, and in particular congratulations were extended to him on his election to Fellowship of The Royal Photographic Society.

51 PDI's were entered, all of which had performed well during the past season and it was agreed between the judge and our committee that no marks would be awarded, just the top three places and one or two commendations.

It was soon evident that Paul's judgement was as sound as his photographic prowess; he held twelve of the best back, then by a system of elimination halved them, resulting in:

1st placeStocker Lake's ReflectionsRosemary Wenzerul
2nd Place All You Need Is Love Chris Gilbert
3rd PlaceMorning Has BrokenConnie Fitzgerald

Three images were highly commended, namely Peter Winter's 'Leopard', Fiona Gurr's 'Butterflying' and Connie's 'Sweet Strawberry and Sugar'. Congratulations to all concerned.

John Rolfe

10 April 2014 – Competition – OPEN PRINT COMPETITION – Judge: Alan Taberer (Imagez)

Ex-army man, quite ignorant of flowers but enthusiastic to the last, Alan had a comfortable 36 prints to judge. He warned us that he would aim at a spread of 12-20 marks but didn't dip below 14 and awarded three 20s. He held 4 back after his initial appraisal.

Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell's 'Preparing for Battle' on 19 would have fared slightly better but for highlights in the background. In third place, on 20, Connie Fitzgerald caught a moment in time with a well taken shot of a canoeist 'Running the Rapids'. Runner-up was Chris Gilbert's splendid shot of 'Staithes' in Yorkshire, one which would sell readily for £55 in the resort. A worthy winner was Maggie Fricker's 'Little Boxes', a true photographer's shot of some colourful apartment windows somewhere in South East Asia. Congratulations Maggie!

No fewer than 11 print photographers had competed in the Print League throughout the season and the result was very close -

Peter Winter First Place267
John JenningsSecond Place265
Chris GilbertThird Place263
Terry Day262
Connie Fitzgerald 260
Maggie Fricker256

NB No meeting on 17 April

Happy Easter!

John Rolfe

Open Projected League Results 2013-14

Following the last round of the Open Projected Images competition, the total points scored in the Open competitions were as follows:

Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell First Place275
Connie FitzgeraldSecond Place274
Fiona GurrThird Place267
Chris Gilbert264
Rosemary Wenzerul262
Dave Hipperson261

This is a really close result with strong competition right down the table. Very well done to Jeremy, Connie and Fiona.

John Jennings


No fewer than 57 entries were made reflecting the encouraging upsurge in interest at this late stage in the season.

Ian's comments were liberally sprinkled with his own slant on how he might have improved our work, usually by one form of manipulation or another. He held back five images, placing Fiona Gurr's well-taken 'Fox' in 4th=, alongside her 'Dunnock on a stick', each on 19. Third place went to Dave Hipperson's 'No such thing as bad weather', also on 19, an amusing sandwich of a familiar pier in inclement weather and an unlikely bathing belle ignoring the elements.

Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell's pictorial 'Northern Lights' was a worthy runner-up on 20 to Connie Fitzgerald's 'Morning has Broken' - a beautifully atmospheric rural scene. Congratulations Connie!

Unplaced but nonetheless praiseworthy were David Butler's 'Guildford Cathedral' and Terry Day's' Walk into the Unknown'.

As a result of this competition the battle for Photographer of the Year has reached a ding dong stage with only one point separating Connie from Jeremy, and Fiona is not far behind; so there is everything to play for on 22nd May.

John Rolfe

20 March 2014 – Competition – BAIRD WILDLIFE CUPS – JUDGE: ANDY SANDS (XRR)

57 projected images and 38 prints must surely have made a record entry for this competition - one which has been in decline in recent years.

Having been invited by Maggie to produce a healthy spread of marks, Andy was disinclined to go beyond 15 but awarded no fewer than four 20s for the projected images. In third place Peter Winter's 'Female Leopard' was bettered by Chris Gilbert's 'Holly Blue', which was in turn beaten for the projected image trophy by Ron Brown's 'The Conductor', an unusual pose for a spread-eagled gannet, described by Andy as 'having great shape and a sense of interaction'. Well done Ron! Jacqui Taylor claimed fourth place with her 'Fight on the Beach', two well-caught gulls scrapping over their next bite.

A quick cup of tea and a chance to draw breath saw Andy confronted by 38 prints and only 35 minutes to judge what made an impressive display on our two boards. Andy showed great resilience in making highly perceptive comments about them where lesser judges would have been exhausted by this time, and singled out three for the top positions. Five were awarded 19, from which Andy singled out Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell's 'Butterfly' for third place.. Peter Winter's 'Kingfisher' was awarded runner-up and a well deserved 20 and the winner on the night was Sue Hipperson's 'Room for one more' - which referred to an indeterminate number of ladybirds on a wooden post - which was different and a delightful picture. Congratulations Sue.

Derek Dixon, our one and only DPAGB in the Club, famed for his infra red prints over the years, reflected on the increasingly high standard of competitive photographers in the Club and, somewhat ruefully, that he rarely figured in the honours these days. Well done the Club! Success doesn't just happen; we owe an enormous amount to the untiring efforts of chairman Maggie and husband, programme secretary and computer guru Rod Fricker.

John Rolfe

25 February 2014 – Competition – CACC Rosebowl Round 3 at Witney. Judged Stan McCartin (Harrow CC)

The results of Round 3 of the Rosebowl, held at Witney on Tuesday are as follows:

New City was way ahead with 271. Winey and Abingdon tied for equal second place with 252 and Park Street was (narrowly) in 4th place with 250

The two stars went to New City and Witney, but Chris Gilbert scored 20 for his image "Starling Wars". Well done Chris!

Sue Anderson

Tuesday 18 February 2014 – Competition – St Albans Camera Club 8-way Battle

Five members of PSCC braved it to the other side of St Albans to support our entry into this annual event. Each of 8 invited clubs enters 8 prints from 8 different authors. This year's competition was judged by Colin Southgate FRPS., who gave us a very interesting commentary on the 64 prints and whose marks could not be faulted, even though Park Street only came 7th!

The results were as follows:

1stNew City143
St Albans

Our entries were scored:
 Katy McGee by John Jennings 18
 Field Fare by Derek Dixon 18
 Field near Shenley by Terry Day 15
 On His Way by Connie Fitzgerald 17
 Heron Preening by Peter Winter 17
 Ceiling, York Minster by Chris Gilbert 17
 Thinking Girls Hamburger by Dave Hipperson 16
 Brighton Beach & West Pier by Ken Liversidge 15

Ken Liversidge

16 January 2014 – Competition – Open Prints Round 3, Judge: Barbara Lyddiatt

Our judge for the evening, Barbara Lyddiatt, confessed that she had lost her way in the local lanes on her way to Bricket Wood. Fortunately for us, at no time did she come anywhere near doing so in adjudicating the 33 prints entered. Indeed, she commented in her usual brisk style and completed her comments by the tea break, leaving the marking for the second half.

At the top end, four prints were awarded the maximum 20. Derek Dixon was Very Highly Commended for his 'Fieldfare' taken through a window at home. This was a close thing with Peter Winter's 'White chested Emerald Hummingbird' gaining a well-deserved third place. Terry Day's usual haunt, a field near Shenley, was blessed with wonderful light, backed with a threatening sky, and the result was a very worthy runner-up to John Jennings' attractive high key portrait taken in Hyde Park of Katy McGee.     Well done John!

Then followed what I thought was the most rewarding 40 minutes for ages when Barbara prompted us to speak about our prints. Barbara has been a most valued judge this season and we hoped that she wouldn't miss her way home to Gerrards Cross.

John Rolfe

9 January 2014 – Open Competition – Projected Images Round 3, Judge: Mark Buckley-Sharp ARPS

The competition attracted a record 69 entries - some indication of the current healthy competitions element in the club. Nine images were held back and after due consideration five twenties were awarded.

Results were:-

  1. Rhapsody in Blue - Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell was awarded the monthly trophy
    Well done Jeremy
  2. Winter Sunset - David Butler
  3. Wholly Smoke - John Jennings
  4. Downside Up - Chris Gilbert
  5. Hoverfly - Fiona Gurr

Mark adjudicated with real perception and confirmed his position as one of the club's most popular and respected judges.

John Rolfe

5th December 2013 – Competition – CACC Rosebowl Round 2, held at Park Street – judged by Paul de Silva (Hemel Hempstead PS)

The results of the CACC Rosebowl competiton, judged by Paul de Silva were as follows:

1st Park Street   254
2nd   Watford250

Full results are here. The starred images were both by Park Street members:

On The Beach Starling Wars

4th December 2013 – North West Federation Interclub Competition – Judge Mary Ward (Ealing and HH PS)

We now have the final results from the first round (three matches in all) of the NW Fed between Park Street, Northolt and Pinner.

The good news is that we did very well, in that we won last night's match (C3), but the bad news is that it was unfortunately not quite enough to go through to the next round, in fact we were beaten by in the end by a single point, by Pinner! So close!

Pinner will now go forward to the next round against Ealing.

Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Total
Prints   PDIs   Prints   PDIs   Prints   PDIs   
Park Street    10010889909390183 570
Pinner10910590879288180 571
Northolt 10410189909084174 554

Print Stars Projected Digital Stars
Ceiling, York MinsterChris Gilbert (PSCC)Eagle Owl PortraitRosemary Wenzerul (PSCC)
Banded DamselfliesTony Hawkins (PCC)ReflectionJohn Jennings (PSCC)
Dawn Stag Roger Stelfox (PCC)Spirit of the Woods   Min Brandon (NPS)
Pied Kingfisher CatchStan Hill (PCC)Starling WarsChris Gilbert (PSCC)
No Title (Tate) Bernard Fanning (NPS)   Snowdon SummitDave Hipperson (PSCC)
Dull Day, Chess Valley   Terry Day (PSCC)On the BeachRosemary Wenzerul (PSCC)

The results so far are also available on the NWFed website now but here is the score sheet of last night's match so you can see individual scores. Three of the four stars last night went to Park Street members:

Terry Day (Print)   "Dull Day, Chess Valley'
Dave Hipperson (pdi)   "Snowdon Summit"
Rosemary Wenzerul (pdi)   "On the Beach"

Congratulations to them, and of course also to John Jennings and Chris Gilbert, to whom stars were awarded in the previous two rounds, but well done everyone who had images put forward for one or other of these matches!

Sue Anderson

25th November 2013 – Competition – North West Federation Interclub Competition – judged by Barbara Lydiatt (Chalfont & Gerards Cross CC)

The second match of the first round of this year's NW Fed competition was hosted by Pinner.

Full results are here. Park Street were first equal with Northolt in the Projected Images section, and just beaten into second place by Pinner in the Prints section. Chris Gilbert's "Starling Wars" projected image was one of the starred images.

We therefore (narrowly) won the round and hold on to second place overall.

ClubPDIs   Prints   Total this match   Total this year
Park Street   90 89
Pinner 87 90
Northolt 90 85

John Jennings

14th November 2013 – Competition – North West Federation Interclub Competition – Judge: Mark Buckley-Sharp (Harrow CC)

The first match of the first round of this year's NW Fed competition was hosted by PSCC, the other two clubs involved being Pinner and Northolt.

Full results are here, but Park Street were encouraged to win the first section, for Projected Images, but this was tempered by coming third in the Prints section. We did get both starred images for the projected images (Rosemary Wenzerul's "Eagle Owl Portrait" and John Jennings' "Reflection") and one for the prints (Chris Gilbert's "Ceiling, York Minster").

ClubPDIs   Prints   Total this match
Park Street   108 100
Pinner 105 109
Northolt 101 104

John Jennings

7th October 2013 – Competition – Interclub Landscape – Judge Barbara Lyddiatt (Chalfont & Gerards Cross CC)

This competition was due to be judged by Peter Jackman but unfortunately he was unable to be with us and Barbara Lyddiatt kindly stepped into the breach. She had her work cut out, the competition now having expanded to 12 clubs, each of whom provided 6 images plus a tie-breaker, but she did a fine job.

Final positions were:

St Albans and District
Croxley 92
Northfields 95
Park Street95
Barnet and Finchley99
Hemel Hempstead102
Potters Bar104

The Winning image, one of seven to achieve the maximum score of 20 on the night, was "Sweet Thames Flow Softly" by Maggie Marmion of Northfields Camera Club

Congratulations to all participants for some fine images, and especially to the winners. Full results are available here.

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